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Team Records

Most Goals in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1DALLAS Stars264111
2MONTREAL Canadiens777910
3FLORIDA Panthers7102510
4TORONTO Maple Leafs8105610
5NASHVILLE Predators10116410
6FLORIDA Panthers12529
7DALLAS Stars25699
8DALLAS Stars28079
9DALLAS Stars28109
10NEW YORK Islanders53289
Most Goals in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1DALLAS Stars2344
2WINNIPEG Jets4343
3NASHVILLE Predators4339
4MONTREAL Canadiens4336
5NEW JERSEY Devils4328
6DETROIT Red Wings11272
7MINNESOTA Wild11268
8PITTSBURGH Penguins11262
9LOS ANGELES Kings11261
10NEW YORK Rangers11257
Less Goal in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1NEW JERSEY Devils797
2ARIZONA Coyotes799
3PHOENIX Coyotes6135
4NEW JERSEY Devils8144
5ARIZONA Coyotes8154
6NEW JERSEY Devils6162
7OTTAWA Senators4167
8ST. LOUIS Blues1177
9TAMPA BAY Lightning4178
10NEW JERSEY Devils5178
Most Goals Against in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1NEW JERSEY Devils7349
2LOS ANGELES Kings3337
3OTTAWA Senators4334
5NEW YORK Rangers3323
6COLORADO Avalanche2319
7DALLAS Stars11272
8SAN JOSE Sharks11268
9CAROLINA Hurricanes11260
10COLUMBUS Blue Jackets11260
Less Goal Against in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1CHICAGO Blackhawks7174
2NASHVILLE Predators9184
3MONTREAL Canadiens6185
4MINNESOTA Wild11188
5WINNIPEG Jets6191
6CHICAGO Blackhawks9191
7ARIZONA Coyotes11191
8OTTAWA Senators7192
9NASHVILLE Predators7192
10DETROIT Red Wings7193
Most Assists in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1TORONTO Maple Leafs8105619
2DALLAS Stars481318
3CAROLINA Hurricanes497018
4NASHVILLE Predators10116418
5DALLAS Stars256917
6DALLAS Stars264117
7DETROIT Red Wings429217
8NASHVILLE Predators99417
9DALLAS Stars1015417
10NEW YORK Islanders532816
Most Assists in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1WINNIPEG Jets4631
2DALLAS Stars2611
3NASHVILLE Predators4607
4DALLAS Stars4600
5NEW JERSEY Devils4591
6DETROIT Red Wings11490
7MINNESOTA Wild11482
8PITTSBURGH Penguins11456
9NASHVILLE Predators11453
10LOS ANGELES Kings11450
Less Assist in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1ARIZONA Coyotes7154
2NEW JERSEY Devils7159
3PHOENIX Coyotes6200
4NEW JERSEY Devils8208
5ARIZONA Coyotes8237
6NEW JERSEY Devils6248
7OTTAWA Senators4279
8NEW JERSEY Devils5285
9TAMPA BAY Lightning5300
10TAMPA BAY Lightning4302
Most Game Points in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1TORONTO Maple Leafs8105629
2DALLAS Stars264128
3NASHVILLE Predators10116428
4DALLAS Stars481327
5CAROLINA Hurricanes497027
6DALLAS Stars256926
7DETROIT Red Wings429226
8NASHVILLE Predators99426
9DALLAS Stars1015426
10NEW YORK Islanders532825
Most Game Points in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
6DETROIT Red Wings11762
7MINNESOTA Wild11750
8PITTSBURGH Penguins11718
9LOS ANGELES Kings11711
10NASHVILLE Predators11706
Less Game Points in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1ARIZONA Coyotes7253
2NEW JERSEY Devils7256
3PHOENIX Coyotes6335
4NEW JERSEY Devils8352
5ARIZONA Coyotes8391
6NEW JERSEY Devils6410
7OTTAWA Senators4446
8NEW JERSEY Devils5463
9TAMPA BAY Lightning4480
10ST. LOUIS Blues1490
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1NEW YORK Islanders460163
2PHOENIX Coyotes443262
3MONTREAL Canadiens449160
4COLORADO Avalanche11106660Game Direct Link
5WINNIPEG Jets469459
6ARIZONA Coyotes1116859Game Direct Link
7ATLANTA Thrashers3118658
8BUFFALO Sabres758555
9PITTSBURGH Penguins1112555Game Direct Link
10DALLAS Stars9111854
Most Shots In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1ARIZONA Coyotes112913
2DALLAS Stars42895
3TORONTO Maple Leafs52835
4PITTSBURGH Penguins112833
5LOS ANGELES Kings52823
6MONTREAL Canadiens52812
7FLORIDA Panthers112811
8MONTREAL Canadiens42793
9WINNIPEG Jets42790
10MINNESOTA Wild112782
Less Shots In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1NEW JERSEY Devils71369
2PHOENIX Coyotes61627
3ARIZONA Coyotes71707
4NEW JERSEY Devils81707
5OTTAWA Senators41719
6ST. LOUIS Blues11730
7NEW JERSEY Devils61806
8CHICAGO Blackhawks11808
9TAMPA BAY Lightning41812
10LOS ANGELES Kings31835
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1TAMPA BAY Lightning510933
2EDMONTON Oilers732027
3BOSTON Bruins852626
4ARIZONA Coyotes990026
5DETROIT Red Wings5120425
6PHILADELPHIA Flyers11111625Game Direct Link
7MINNESOTA Wild278824
8DALLAS Stars392124
9CALGARY Flames424224
10COLUMBUS Blue Jackets486824
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
6CAROLINA Hurricanes11864
7EDMONTON Oilers11850
8MONTREAL Canadiens11830
9PITTSBURGH Penguins11827
10CHICAGO Blackhawks11798
Less Shots Block In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1BOSTON Bruins2528
2DETROIT Red Wings1551
3NEW JERSEY Devils1555
4MONTREAL Canadiens2559
5OTTAWA Senators1561
Most Shots Against In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1TAMPA BAY Lightning43007
2OTTAWA Senators42972
3CAROLINA Hurricanes112938
4NEW JERSEY Devils72928
5DALLAS Stars112889
6PITTSBURGH Penguins42871
7SAN JOSE Sharks112833
8EDMONTON Oilers112812
9MONTREAL Canadiens112803
10CALGARY Flames42764
Less Shots Against In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1DETROIT Red Wings11928
2NEW JERSEY Devils11942
3MONTREAL Canadiens11962
4MONTREAL Canadiens21971
5MONTREAL Canadiens41975
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1COLORADO Avalanche1013497
2NEW JERSEY Devils756995
3DALLAS Stars1013493
4PHILADELPHIA Flyers756987
5SAN JOSE Sharks755386
6SAN JOSE Sharks3100481
7MINNESOTA Wild5101981
8CALGARY Flames619779
9CALGARY Flames329078
10CALGARY Flames5103378
Most Pim In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1CALGARY Flames61955
2CALGARY Flames31905
3CALGARY Flames51903
4CALGARY Flames41852
5CALGARY Flames71576
6CALGARY Flames11505
7SAN JOSE Sharks31388
8DETROIT Red Wings41379
9CALGARY Flames11853
10DALLAS Stars11788
Less Pim In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1VANCOUVER Canucks10238
2DALLAS Stars7285
3CHICAGO Blackhawks7301
4COLUMBUS Blue Jackets10320
5NASHVILLE Predators9342
6VANCOUVER Canucks9372
7CHICAGO Blackhawks8385
8VANCOUVER Canucks8390
9COLUMBUS Blue Jackets8417
10CAROLINA Hurricanes4423
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1NEW YORK Islanders845450
2CALGARY Flames3118649
3CALGARY Flames493443
4SAN JOSE Sharks689643
5NASHVILLE Predators981043
6WASHINGTON Capitals770142
7TAMPA BAY Lightning11113642Game Direct Link
8ARIZONA Coyotes7112041
9NEW YORK Rangers949141
10WASHINGTON Capitals9107941
Most Hits In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1CALGARY Flames42149
2CALGARY Flames32100
3ARIZONA Coyotes71912
4BOSTON Bruins101863
5SAN JOSE Sharks111818
6WASHINGTON Capitals71793
7CALGARY Flames21790
10NEW YORK Islanders61732
Less Hit In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1CAROLINA Hurricanes41004
2ST. LOUIS Blues41120
3ST. LOUIS Blues31181
4NEW JERSEY Devils61200
5VANCOUVER Canucks41206
6DALLAS Stars41221
Most Empty Net Goal In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1TAMPA BAY Lightning58
2ST. LOUIS Blues57
3COLUMBUS Blue Jackets107
5COLORADO Avalanche66
6CALGARY Flames116
7EDMONTON Oilers55
8NEW YORK Islanders65
9WASHINGTON Capitals115
10VEGAS Golden Knights115
Best PP In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1TAMPA BAY Lightning526,70%
2BOSTON Bruins826,40%
3CHICAGO Blackhawks926,40%
4NEW JERSEY Devils426,30%
5WINNIPEG Jets425,90%
6CAROLINA Hurricanes525,80%
7COLORADO Avalanche725,80%
8NEW YORK Islanders725,60%
9FLORIDA Panthers425,10%
10CAROLINA Hurricanes1125,00%
Best PK In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1PITTSBURGH Penguins1186,50%
2TORONTO Maple Leafs586,00%
3CHICAGO Blackhawks986,00%
4CALGARY Flames185,70%
5PHOENIX Coyotes385,60%
6PHOENIX Coyotes285,40%
7COLUMBUS Blue Jackets185,30%
8SAN JOSE Sharks185,20%
9BOSTON Bruins1185,00%
10DETROIT Red Wings1184,70%
Worse PP In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1MONTREAL Canadiens1112,30%
2COLUMBUS Blue Jackets212,40%
3NEW JERSEY Devils712,40%
4ST. LOUIS Blues112,90%
5ARIZONA Coyotes813,10%
6DETROIT Red Wings313,20%
7NEW JERSEY Devils813,50%
8OTTAWA Senators1113,50%
9ANAHEIM Ducks313,60%
10LOS ANGELES Kings113,90%
Worse PK In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1VANCOUVER Canucks972,50%
2NEW YORK Rangers1073,60%
3NASHVILLE Predators773,70%
4NEW JERSEY Devils673,90%
5WASHINGTON Capitals674,10%
6BUFFALO Sabres774,10%
7DALLAS Stars574,20%
8NEW JERSEY Devils774,40%
9NEW YORK Rangers774,40%
10TORONTO Maple Leafs674,50%
Most Win In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1MONTREAL Canadiens460
2WASHINGTON Capitals359
3CHICAGO Blackhawks959
4LOS ANGELES Kings1158
5NEW JERSEY Devils257
7PHOENIX Coyotes457
9DETROIT Red Wings1154
10BOSTON Bruins1153
Less Win In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1ARIZONA Coyotes78
2NEW JERSEY Devils710
4COLORADO Avalanche214
5OTTAWA Senators414
6PHOENIX Coyotes619
7TAMPA BAY Lightning420
Most Lost In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1ARIZONA Coyotes774
2NEW JERSEY Devils772
4COLORADO Avalanche268
5OTTAWA Senators468
6PHOENIX Coyotes663
7TAMPA BAY Lightning462
9MONTREAL Canadiens1158
10DALLAS Stars1155
Less Lost In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1NEW JERSEY Devils116
2MONTREAL Canadiens422
3WASHINGTON Capitals323
4CHICAGO Blackhawks923
5BUFFALO Sabres124
6LOS ANGELES Kings1124
7NEW JERSEY Devils225
Most Points In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1MONTREAL Canadiens4124
2NEW JERSEY Devils1122
3NEW JERSEY Devils2121
4PHOENIX Coyotes4121
5MONTREAL Canadiens6121
6WINNIPEG Jets4120
7LOS ANGELES Kings11119
8MINNESOTA Wild11117
9DETROIT Red Wings11116
10BUFFALO Sabres11113
Less Points In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1NEW JERSEY Devils722
2ARIZONA Coyotes725
3COLORADO Avalanche234
5OTTAWA Senators438
6TAMPA BAY Lightning447
7PHOENIX Coyotes647
Most Win Home In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
6DETROIT Red Wings1127
7NEW YORK Rangers1125
9LOS ANGELES Kings1123
10BUFFALO Sabres1121
Team Most Win Visitor In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
7BOSTON Bruins1124
8NASHVILLE Predators1124
9PITTSBURGH Penguins1123
10WASHINGTON Capitals1120

Players Records

Most Ice Time In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1ST. LOUIS Blues1701336:00
2PHOENIX Coyotes1128293:00
3EDMONTON Oilers1915282:00
4SAN JOSE Sharks1188108:00
5ST. LOUIS Blues11124102:00
6Francois BeaucheminCOLUMBUS Blue Jackets6105035:59
7Duncan KeithPHILADELPHIA Flyers970735:56
8Erik KarlssonCOLORADO Avalanche640134:53
9Dennis WidemanDALLAS Stars562934:50
10Dan BoyleCAROLINA Hurricanes7118634:48
Most Ice Time In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Francois BeaucheminCOLUMBUS Blue Jackets52405
2Victor HedmanBOSTON Bruins102354
3Jay BouwmeesterFLORIDA Panthers52328
4Dan HamhuisNASHVILLE Predators52321
5Shea WeberCALGARY Flames72315
6Zdeno CharaBOSTON Bruins52307
7Alexander EdlerVANCOUVER Canucks52307
8Brad StuartCOLORADO Avalanche52296
9Mike GreenWASHINGTON Capitals52285
10Christian EhrhoffPHOENIX Coyotes52263
Most Goals In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Ilya KovalchukPHILADELPHIA Flyers26675
2Vincent LecavalierANAHEIM Ducks38045
3Alexander OvechkinWASHINGTON Capitals41785
4Jarome IginlaCALGARY Flames46345
5Matt HalischukNEW JERSEY Devils511895
6Ryan GetzlafDETROIT Red Wings75165
7Nick FolignoFLORIDA Panthers109855
8Aleksander BarkovNASHVILLE Predators1011645
9Daniel ClearyDETROIT Red Wings11984
10Paul StastnyST. LOUIS Blues54744
Most Goals In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Daniel SedinMONTREAL Canadiens464
2Eric StaalMINNESOTA Wild358
3Vincent LecavalierANAHEIM Ducks358
4Marian HossaCAROLINA Hurricanes357
5Tyler SeguinWINNIPEG Jets857
6Alexander OvechkinWASHINGTON Capitals156
7Nikita KucherovMINNESOTA Wild1147
8Anze KopitarLOS ANGELES Kings1146
9Connor McDavidOTTAWA Senators1145
10Sidney CrosbyDETROIT Red Wings1143
Most Assists In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Nicklas LidstromCOLUMBUS Blue Jackets47126
2Matt MoulsonCOLORADO Avalanche710636
3Joe SakicCOLORADO Avalanche11935
4Mark StreitNEW YORK Islanders12315
5Mike ModanoDALLAS Stars16495
6Andrew CoglianoEDMONTON Oilers18535
7Michael CammalleriVANCOUVER Canucks56995
8Jordan EberleEDMONTON Oilers6525
9Corey PerryTORONTO Maple Leafs76305
10Carl SoderbergCOLORADO Avalanche710635
Most Assists In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Duncan KeithATLANTA Thrashers385
2Sergei ZubovBUFFALO Sabres281
3Evgeni MalkinPITTSBURGH Penguins678
4Daniel SedinMONTREAL Canadiens477
5Anze KopitarLOS ANGELES Kings577
6Daniel AlfredssonNEW YORK Rangers275
7Alexander SeminWINNIPEG Jets472
8Aleksander BarkovNASHVILLE Predators1165
9Vincent TrocheckFLORIDA Panthers1163
10Anze KopitarLOS ANGELES Kings1160
Most Points In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Nicklas LidstromCOLUMBUS Blue Jackets47127
2Carl SoderbergCOLORADO Avalanche710637
3Matt MoulsonCOLORADO Avalanche710637
4Evgeni MalkinPITTSBURGH Penguins810547
5Patrick KaneCHICAGO Blackhawks94477
6Jeff CarterCALGARY Flames95327
7Alex TanguayANAHEIM Ducks21526
8Ilya KovalchukPHILADELPHIA Flyers24236
9Loui ErikssonDALLAS Stars24376
10Vincent LecavalierANAHEIM Ducks38046
Most Points In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Daniel SedinMONTREAL Canadiens4141
2Vincent LecavalierANAHEIM Ducks3128
3Anze KopitarLOS ANGELES Kings5127
4Daniel AlfredssonNEW YORK Rangers2125
5Zach PariseNEW JERSEY Devils4125
6Marian HossaCAROLINA Hurricanes3121
7Anze KopitarLOS ANGELES Kings11106
8Aleksander BarkovNASHVILLE Predators11105
9Mark ScheifeleARIZONA Coyotes1196
10Sidney CrosbyDETROIT Red Wings1195
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Zach PariseNEW JERSEY Devils12816
2Matt HalischukNEW JERSEY Devils5118916
3Jaden SchwartzSAN JOSE Sharks94716
4Aleksander BarkovNASHVILLE Predators11123016Game Direct Link
5Eric StaalMINNESOTA Wild358715
6Jarome IginlaPHILADELPHIA Flyers514915
7Brayden SchennNEW YORK Rangers11126815Game Direct Link
8Dany HeatleyCHICAGO Blackhawks260614
9Alexander SeminNEW YORK Rangers49814
10Jason SpezzaWINNIPEG Jets413214
Most Shots In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Loui ErikssonCOLUMBUS Blue Jackets10455
2Alexander OvechkinANAHEIM Ducks10438
3Connor McDavidOTTAWA Senators11436
4David PastrnakCOLORADO Avalanche11434
5Patrick KaneCHICAGO Blackhawks9430
6Anze KopitarLOS ANGELES Kings5422
7Daniel SedinMONTREAL Canadiens4420
8Jaden SchwartzSAN JOSE Sharks9416
9Jordan EberleEDMONTON Oilers6415
10Alexander SeminWINNIPEG Jets4414
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Zach BogosianVANCOUVER Canucks1117810Game Direct Link
2Brandon CarloTAMPA BAY Lightning11123610Game Direct Link
3Dion PhaneufCALGARY Flames42429
4Andreas LiljaNEW YORK Rangers48109
5Mike WeaverTAMPA BAY Lightning51099
6Andrej MeszarosDALLAS Stars51339
7Johnny BoychukBOSTON Bruins510539
8Shea WeberPHILADELPHIA Flyers119949Game Direct Link
9Ivan ProvorovCAROLINA Hurricanes1110039Game Direct Link
10Brian CampbellCHICAGO Blackhawks14018
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Ivan ProvorovCAROLINA Hurricanes11182
2Niklas HjalmarssonEDMONTON Oilers11168
3Brooks OrpikPITTSBURGH Penguins11166
4Derek ForbortNEW YORK Islanders11165
5Christian EhrhoffPHOENIX Coyotes5159
6Niklas KronwallDETROIT Red Wings5156
7Josh GorgesNEW YORK Rangers10155
8Jay BouwmeesterFLORIDA Panthers3153
9Dion PhaneufCALGARY Flames4153
10Duncan KeithANAHEIM Ducks5153
Most Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Paul GaustadBUFFALO Sabres28066
2Rostislav KleslaBUFFALO Sabres28066
3Ryan SuterBUFFALO Sabres28066
4Scott WalkerBUFFALO Sabres28066
5Sami SaloVANCOUVER Canucks33306
6Teemu SelanneBOSTON Bruins57865
7Brad RichardsTORONTO Maple Leafs59685
8Pavel KubinaTORONTO Maple Leafs59685
9Andrej SekeraTORONTO Maple Leafs59685
10Nikolai KuleminTORONTO Maple Leafs59685
Most Plus Minus In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Michael GrabnerPHOENIX Coyotes456
2Sergei ZubovBUFFALO Sabres254
3Henrik SedinPHOENIX Coyotes451
4Erik KarlssonWINNIPEG Jets851
5Jeff CarterCALGARY Flames450
6Vincent LecavalierANAHEIM Ducks349
7Nikita KucherovMINNESOTA Wild1145
8Ryan GetzlafMINNESOTA Wild1144
9Mark ScheifeleARIZONA Coyotes1142
10Aleksander BarkovNASHVILLE Predators1138
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Marek SvatosNEW YORK Rangers3963-7
2Nikolai ZherdevNEW YORK Rangers3963-7
3Vaclav ProspalNEW YORK Rangers3963-7
4Daniel GirardiNEW YORK Rangers3963-7
5Marc StaalNEW YORK Rangers3963-7
6Alex PietrangeloST. LOUIS Blues5924-6
7James WisniewskiSAN JOSE Sharks91189-6
8Zdeno CharaDETROIT Red Wings11999-6Game Direct Link
9Erik KarlssonDETROIT Red Wings11999-6Game Direct Link
10Kevin ShattenkirkCOLORADO Avalanche5231-5
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Evgeny KuznetsovNEW JERSEY Devils7-73
2Sergei GoncharNEW JERSEY Devils7-68
3Niklas HjalmarssonOTTAWA Senators4-56
4Mike WeaverTAMPA BAY Lightning4-55
5Raphael DiazNEW JERSEY Devils7-55
6Dominic MooreTORONTO Maple Leafs3-54
7Brian McGrattanNEW JERSEY Devils7-52
8Peter ReginOTTAWA Senators4-50
9John TavaresOTTAWA Senators4-50
10Alex TuchCAROLINA Hurricanes11-40
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Clayton StonerCOLORADO Avalanche1013451
2Matt CarknerVANCOUVER Canucks732247
3Matt MartinDETROIT Red Wings59739
4Dylan McIlrathPITTSBURGH Penguins8120637
5Connor MurphyDALLAS Stars1013437
6Colin GreeningOTTAWA Senators538134
7Brandon BolligSAN JOSE Sharks575034
8Brandon PrustANAHEIM Ducks819934
9Daniel CarcilloPHOENIX Coyotes522732
10Andrew FerenceCALGARY Flames619732
Most Pim In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Shane O'BrienCALGARY Flames4339
2Dion PhaneufCALGARY Flames4305
3Dion PhaneufCALGARY Flames1288
4Steve MontadorCHICAGO Blackhawks4276
5Mike KomisarekMONTREAL Canadiens1273
6Brooks OrpikPITTSBURGH Penguins11149
7Radko GudasSAN JOSE Sharks11136
8Connor MurphyDALLAS Stars11124
9Nikita ZadorovNEW YORK Rangers11121
10Rasmus RistolainenWINNIPEG Jets11116
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Adam LarssonWASHINGTON Capitals11116814Game Direct Link
2Mike KomisarekMONTREAL Canadiens187413
3Brenden MorrowDALLAS Stars246513
4Brenden MorrowDALLAS Stars2100312
5Michael Del ZottoNEW YORK Rangers3121412
6Mark GiordanoTAMPA BAY Lightning422912
7Brooks OrpikPITTSBURGH Penguins118212Game Direct Link
8Radko GudasSAN JOSE Sharks1136712Game Direct Link
9Radko GudasSAN JOSE Sharks11124512Game Direct Link
10Joel WardPITTSBURGH Penguins644811
Most Hits In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Brenden MorrowDALLAS Stars2337
2Shane O'BrienCALGARY Flames4319
3Brooks OrpikPITTSBURGH Penguins11305
4Shane DoanPHOENIX Coyotes4299
5Matt GreeneLOS ANGELES Kings4294
6Adam LarssonWASHINGTON Capitals11294
7Rob BlakeDALLAS Stars2292
8Radko GudasSAN JOSE Sharks11279
9Leo KomarovEDMONTON Oilers11278
10Nikita ZadorovNEW YORK Rangers11255
Most Empty Net Goal In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Anze KopitarLOS ANGELES Kings55
2Tyler SeguinCOLORADO Avalanche54
3David LegwandNEW YORK Rangers63
4Pavel DatsyukFLORIDA Panthers73
5Brad RichardsonTORONTO Maple Leafs83
6Erik ColeEDMONTON Oilers12
7Jason PominvilleBUFFALO Sabres12
8Chris ClarkCOLUMBUS Blue Jackets32
9Shane DoanPHOENIX Coyotes32
10Teemu SelanneBOSTON Bruins32
Most Hat Trick In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Alexander OvechkinWASHINGTON Capitals15
2Marian GaborikPITTSBURGH Penguins45
3Daniel AlfredssonOTTAWA Senators14
4Eric StaalCAROLINA Hurricanes14
5Ilya KovalchukPHILADELPHIA Flyers14
6Aleksander BarkovNASHVILLE Predators112
7Steven StamkosNEW JERSEY Devils112
8Calle JarnkrokVEGAS Golden Knights111
9Auston MatthewsARIZONA Coyotes111
10Dennis SeidenbergNEW YORK Rangers111
Best Faceoff in 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Patrice BergeronBOSTON Bruins1063,70%
2Antoine VermetteFLORIDA Panthers1062,80%
3Antoine VermetteFLORIDA Panthers962,00%
4Dominic MooreEDMONTON Oilers961,40%
5Paul StastnyST. LOUIS Blues1061,20%
6Derek MacKenzieEDMONTON Oilers560,70%
7Bobby HolikNEW JERSEY Devils160,60%
8Paul GaustadVANCOUVER Canucks660,30%
9Dainius ZubrusNEW JERSEY Devils360,10%
10Patrice BergeronBOSTON Bruins760,00%

Goalies Records

Shutout In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Ryan MillerBUFFALO Sabres49
2Andrei VasilevskiyARIZONA Coyotes119
3Marty TurcoDALLAS Stars18
4Roberto LuongoPHOENIX Coyotes38
5Dan EllisNASHVILLE Predators17
6Martin BrodeurNEW JERSEY Devils17
7Pekka RinneMINNESOTA Wild117
8Semyon VarlamovNASHVILLE Predators117
9Carey PriceDETROIT Red Wings116
10Connor HellebuyckNEW JERSEY Devils116
Shots Received In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Roberto LuongoPHOENIX Coyotes52508
2Tuukka RaskOTTAWA Senators92452
3Jaroslav HalakPHILADELPHIA Flyers42432
4Jonathan QuickLOS ANGELES Kings42431
5Jon QuickLOS ANGELES Kings92429
6Jon QuickLOS ANGELES Kings52413
7Miikka KiprusoffWASHINGTON Capitals52393
8Ryan MillerBUFFALO Sabres52393
9Charlie LindgrenVEGAS Golden Knights112379
10Marc-Andre FleuryCOLORADO Avalanche52376
Win In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Henrik LundqvistMONTREAL Canadiens457
2Roberto LuongoPHOENIX Coyotes457
3Martin BrodeurNEW JERSEY Devils156
4Ryan MillerBUFFALO Sabres155
5Tuukka RaskOTTAWA Senators1055
6Martin BrodeurNEW JERSEY Devils254
7Braden HoltbyBUFFALO Sabres1152
8Frederik AndersenBOSTON Bruins1151
9Cam TalbotANAHEIM Ducks1150
10Jonathan QuickLOS ANGELES Kings1149
Lost In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Peter BudajCOLORADO Avalanche251
2Jonathan QuickLOS ANGELES Kings448
3Jimmy HowardDETROIT Red Wings344
4Manny LegaceST. LOUIS Blues143
5Jaroslav HalakPHILADELPHIA Flyers342
6Charlie LindgrenVEGAS Golden Knights1139
7Kari LehtonenMONTREAL Canadiens1135
8Matt MurrayWINNIPEG Jets1135
9Martin JonesVANCOUVER Canucks1135
10Brian ElliottCOLORADO Avalanche1132

Game Records

Most Goals
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1CAROLINA HurricanesCOLORADO Avalanche497016
2CAROLINA HurricanesFLORIDA Panthers7102516
3NEW YORK IslandersCOLORADO Avalanche239315
4VANCOUVER CanucksDALLAS Stars256915
5NEW JERSEY DevilsWASHINGTON Capitals334115
6DETROIT Red WingsFLORIDA Panthers429215
7FLORIDA PanthersNEW JERSEY Devils1098515
8NEW YORK RangersNEW JERSEY Devils879014
9LOS ANGELES KingsDETROIT Red Wings958214
10DALLAS StarsCAROLINA Hurricanes573013
Most Assists
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1CAROLINA HurricanesCOLORADO Avalanche497032
2NEW YORK IslandersCOLORADO Avalanche239329
3VANCOUVER CanucksDALLAS Stars256929
4DETROIT Red WingsFLORIDA Panthers429228
5SAN JOSE SharksWASHINGTON Capitals4112028
6VANCOUVER CanucksNASHVILLE Predators1099826
7CAROLINA HurricanesFLORIDA Panthers7102524
8LOS ANGELES KingsDETROIT Red Wings958224
9CALGARY FlamesDALLAS Stars1015424
10COLUMBUS Blue JacketsTORONTO Maple Leafs1133724Game Direct Link
Most Points
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1CAROLINA HurricanesCOLORADO Avalanche497048
2NEW YORK IslandersCOLORADO Avalanche239344
3VANCOUVER CanucksDALLAS Stars256944
4DETROIT Red WingsFLORIDA Panthers429243
5SAN JOSE SharksWASHINGTON Capitals4112043
6CAROLINA HurricanesFLORIDA Panthers7102540
7VANCOUVER CanucksNASHVILLE Predators1099839
8LOS ANGELES KingsDETROIT Red Wings958238
9CALGARY FlamesDALLAS Stars1015437
10FLORIDA PanthersNEW JERSEY Devils1098537
Most Shots
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1SAN JOSE SharksDALLAS Stars658799
2NEW YORK RangersTAMPA BAY Lightning1198296Game Direct Link
3ST. LOUIS BluesARIZONA Coyotes11107894Game Direct Link
4FLORIDA PanthersOTTAWA Senators1125592Game Direct Link
5VANCOUVER CanucksCALGARY Flames433590
6SAN JOSE SharksWASHINGTON Capitals4112090
7TORONTO Maple LeafsMONTREAL Canadiens572790
8BUFFALO SabresFLORIDA Panthers1151890Game Direct Link
9COLORADO AvalancheARIZONA Coyotes11119890Game Direct Link
10NEW JERSEY DevilsDALLAS Stars9111889
Most Pim
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1COLORADO AvalancheDALLAS Stars10134190
3MINNESOTA WildCALGARY Flames51019151
4DETROIT Red WingsSAN JOSE Sharks31004144
5MINNESOTA WildCALGARY Flames3290143
6CHICAGO BlackhawksNASHVILLE Predators252142
7ANAHEIM DucksSAN JOSE Sharks7553132
8NEW JERSEY DevilsANAHEIM Ducks71134128
9FLORIDA PanthersCALGARY Flames5671123
10LOS ANGELES KingsCALGARY Flames51033122
Most Hits
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1COLUMBUS Blue JacketsWASHINGTON Capitals770176
3SAN JOSE SharksDETROIT Red Wings3117970
4SAN JOSE SharksCALGARY Flames11122070Game Direct Link
5DETROIT Red WingsSAN JOSE Sharks3100469
6PITTSBURGH PenguinsNEW YORK Rangers949169
7CAROLINA HurricanesTAMPA BAY Lightning11113669Game Direct Link
8PITTSBURGH PenguinsARIZONA Coyotes7112068
9COLUMBUS Blue JacketsNEW YORK Rangers959468
10ANAHEIM DucksCOLUMBUS Blue Jackets1120768Game Direct Link